"Fortune Favors the Prepared"

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Welcome to the Preparedness Shop,
home of Paracord Contraptions.

Below you will find the creations in 550 paracord. 550 paracord is nylon cord with an outer shell surrounding seven strands of nylon line. The internal strands can be removed for use as fishing line, suture material, or any other number of uses. Each item can be disassembled to provide usable 550-lb test line for emergencies. The approximate length of paracord is noted beside each item.

Please note: Each item is hand-made, and they are slightly different from each other. A stainless steel water bottle is included with each bottle wrap. I try to source American-made materials, but the bottles are all from China (almost no stainless steel water bottles are made in the US, and those that are, are too expensive for me to have in stock, and it would drastically increase the cost of these items).

I am in the process of getting set up to take Paypal. Until then, please e-mail me or call me to order or just ask a question.




American Cancer Society Relay for the Cure Bracelets

*$5 from every bracelet will be donated to Relay for Life


If you can't be an athlete, be an athletic supporter!

Includes shoulder strap in like colors. Colors shown are only examples. Many other color combinations are available...just ask.

90-100 $30

Single color or bi-color are available. I try to match an appropriate color of bottle with the cord.

90-100 $30

Here is a slideshow of various features.

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